Tournament Rules

The tournament will be played according to the Laws of Association Football except where other
provisions are made below.


  • 8 pitches will be used for the competition, and these will be clearly marked on the day
  • Teams should ensure they are at the appropriate pitch at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of their games (pitch coordinators will be present to keep matches on schedule)
  • The schedule and live updates can be viewed at
  • Team managers will also be given a paper copy of the schedule on registration
  • The U8 and U9 age groups will play friendly matches on a league basis, with the emphasis on participation and fun, rather than winning or losing
  • For everyone else, the format is a League competition, followed by a knockout competition determined by the number of Age Group entries:
    Age Groups with 8 or more entries will be formed into 2 leagues and then a Champions knockout for teams placed 1st and 2nd and a Europa knockout for teams placed 3rd and 4th in each league.
  • Age Groups where there are up 7 entries will be formed into a single league followed by a Champions knockout for the top 4 teams.
  • Teams will play a minimum of 4 games and a maximum of 7 games (depending upon the number of teams entered), with most teams playing 5-6 games
  • You might also like to follow our Twitter account @WargraveGLFC for updates throughout the day


  • Tournament entry is restricted to FA affiliated clubs.
  • Players must be within their age limit for season 2023-2024 Proof (league ID) of affiliation and player age may be requested.
  • A first aider will be present and a first aid area provided. Each team must however have a nominated & qualified emergency aider present for all games.
  • Clubs/Teams must be Affiliated to a County FA.
  • The tournament is for recreational and not Academy players.
  • U8/U9, U10 age groups will play 6-aside with a maximum of 8 in a squad
  • All other age groups will play 5-aside with a maximum of 7 in a squad
  • Players can only represent one team in each age group


  • All jewellery must be removed before playing
  • Shin pads must be worn by everyone
  • Trainers or football boots are acceptable
  • For U8’s, U9’s and U10’s the ball size shall be size 3
  • From U11’s to U14’s the ball size shall be size 4
  • All U15’s and upwards will play with a size 5 ball
  • All other equipment issues are at the discretion of the referee


  • In the event of a colour clash the team named first shall be required to change shirts/turn them inside out/or wear bibs
  • The team named first shall have choice of ends
  • The team named second shall take kick off
  • The team named first shall provide the match ball
  • The U8 and U9 matches are 8 minutes long, all other matches are 10 minutes long – there is no half-time
  • There is a 2-minute break between all matches. Please ensure you are not late for your kick off, lateness may result in the referee awarding a one goal head start to the opposition followed by decreased playing time
  • Substitutions are roll on roll off. Please however wait for a break in play, and the referee’s consent to do so
  • Any player who has been replaced may return to the playing area as a substitute for another player
  • Any of the other players may change places with the goalkeeper, provided that the referee is informed and that the change is made during a stoppage in the game
  • If a team is reduced to 2 players the match will be awarded to the opposition
  • Once the game has finished, a member of the winning team, or in the event of a draw the team named first, must take the result slip to the administration tent; please be prompt


  • 3 points shall be awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 1 bonus point for scoring 2 or more goals
  • If points are still level after all group games placing shall be determined via the following:
    • Goals for
    • Goal difference
    • Results between the two teams
    • Earliest registered team
  • In the event of a draw in the knockout phase the match shall go straight to penalties
  • Penalties are sudden death, i.e. the first team to miss loses (the first named team in the match goes first). Penalties will have a one-step run-up. There is a maximum of 8 penalties per team, if after that there is still no winner then the match will be decided by a coin toss.
  • The tournament directors may at any time award the penalty shoot via a coin toss


  • The goalkeeper can’t handle the ball from a direct pass back, but can kick it
  • Goal kicks will be taken from the goal line
  • The penalty area will be clearly marked
  • Goalkeepers are allowed to leave the penalty area, and equally players are allowed inside it
  • Fly kicks are not allowed at U12 and above
  • At U12 and above the ball must be rolled under arm or thrown over arm
  • Another player must touch the ball before the keeper can touch the ball again


  • Any cautions shall result in a goal awarded to the opposition
  • A red card will result in the player being banned from taking part in any further matches
  • There will be no off-sides
  • All dead ball situations will require the opposition to stand at least 3 metres back from the placement of the ball, including corners, free kicks and throw ins
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from kick off
  • Please deal with any minor injuries via the substitution rule
  • The referee has the right to stop play for any injury he/she deems to be serious
  • Please note that first aid will be in attendance for any injuries to players
  • All players participate at their own risk
  • All of the officials used in the tournament, will have the full backing of the tournament directors. We will be using a wide range of match officials, some with more experience than others, and we would ask that you be tolerant. Referees will be appointed to age groups that are relevant to their own age and experience.
  • WGFC reserves the right to remove any team, player, coach or spectator whose conduct is deemed to be unacceptable
  • The referee’s decision is final
  • Any major disputes can be taken up with one of the tournament directors

Trophy Presentations

  • A trophy and medals will be awarded to the overall winners of the Champions knockout stage
  • Medals will also be awarded to the runners up in the Champions knockout stage
  • Winners of the Europa knockout stage will also be awarded medals
  • Trophies and medals will be presented on completion of the group (see Schedule for timings)
  • The U8 and U9 age groups will receive participation medals

Play well, play fair and have fun

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