15th May 2020

Under 12 Tigers Awards

Here are the 2019/20 season awards for the Under 12 Tigers.


Players Player Martha Brackstone We’re delighted to see that our regular goal keeper for the Tigers has been recognised by the team for her outstanding performances during the season. Martha has enabled the Tigers to achieve great results against stronger teams due to her experience and talent in goal. She loves this position and it shows in her performances. Martha has improved very well over the season, understanding and developing our team playing strategy giving us a solid base from which to build. A great season for her!!
Coaches Player Molly Hall Molly approach to her football is what every coach needs from their girls each season. Attentive and engaged during training sessions, committed to her skills practises at home and enthusiastic team member during matches. Whether its her individual success on the pitch or others, she’s as happy for the team. Her hard work this season has paid off with her showing great improvement in all areas of her game. Her attitude to playing in any position as requested by the coaches is also a true testament to her approach and dedication to the team.
Most Improved Player Erin Dean Erin has worked hard over the season on many elements of her game from skills being taught on the 3G, be it passing and control, tackling to those less so, such as leadership on the pitch. Her many seasons of experience at the club are showing with her maturity around the pitch during matches ensuring experienced and new players alike are fully committed and motivated. We hope she’ll continue to improve as she has this season to continue to gel the Tigers team together whether playing in the midfield or in attack, but we know she’ll always be leading from the front.

Season Summary:

Congratulations to all the U12 Tigers for their commitment to their football and our club this season.

It’s been a credit to the girls (and parents!!) that the coaches have a had a full squad available each week from which to make selections to enable team development and strategy.

The team have enjoyed a mixed season, enjoying battling shoulder to shoulder against higher league opponents in Cup games to enjoying successes in their own division.

A mid table finish at the half way point of the season could have been higher with momentum starting to build in our favour we feel!!

Congratulations to our trophy winners who have well deserved them, but also to our full Tigers squad who have developed well their individual skills and working well as a team.

Here’s to next season!!

Aidan & Pete.