11th May 2020

Under 11 Tornadoes Awards

Here are the 2019/20 season awards for the Under 11 Tornadoes.

Players Player Charlotte Whitaker
Coaches Player Emma Pluse
Most Improved Player Aya Bacon

Season Summary: Although the results didn’t always go our way and we did have a variety of skill levels in the team I could never fault the girls attitude or the spirit in which they played every game. Everyone single one of them has really improved this year in their own way – I particularly enjoyed seeing Kate having a go on the wing and even getting a shot on goal.

For player of the year I am going to go with Emma Pluse. The Tornadoes are a different team when she is upfront. At the start of the year she had a tendency to run fast in one direction, but she has really come on and can hold the ball up, cross to get others involved and gets in good positions to shoot and score.

For most improved I would go for Aya Bacon. She had been our rock at the back, but she started the year as strong and competitive but lacking composure on the ball and without the best game sense. To ‘Aya’ the ball was to run up to it and welly it as hard as you could. However she has really improved, reading the game much better, fighting fires everywhere, putting her foot on the ball and trying to make use of it. If she was just a big and strong defender then that would not be enough, but she is now doing much more than that on the pitch